Thursday, August 29, 2013

Painting on-car jambs

I had myself another jamb session...several weeks ago now actually, but just now getting around to updating.

The entire car got rolled into the booth, and I painted the door jambs on the car, the inside of the trunk, and the cowl jamb.  When I painted the jambs on the panels I did not mask and just let the overspray go on the rest of the panel.  If you go this route, be sure to sand or scuff the parts of the panel expected to be hit with overspray so there will actually be overspray adhesion.  When the rest of the panel is wet sanded down later, the overspray will be smoothed and leveled but not completely removed, so you will be counting on its adhesion so everything above it does not lift off as well.

On this round, I wanted to see if I liked masking the adjacent panels off better.  The best way to accomplish this is to back mask where the mask is taped down and folded back over itself so as to create a transition and now a hard tape line.  To accomplish this on the cowl for instance, one would lay their mask over the engine bay area and tape it to the cowl.  Now gently fold the mask over the cowl exposing the cowl jamb to spray.  When making the fold take care so as not to make a want a smooth transition.

Anyways, I put down two coats of base and two coats of clear.  I actually got some runs in the base so I had to sand them down wet with 600, and shoot two more coats.  After the base had set up for at least an hour, I measured off the stripes in the cowl jamb, taped them off and sprayed the white.  I'll talk more specifically about spraying stripes later.  After letting the base set up for at least 3 hours, I sprayed the two coats of clear.
The entire car got a final seal coat of lightly reduced epoxy.  This sprayed on as smooth as glass.

All the jambs are based and the cowl stripes are taped off.

Cowl jamb after 2 coats of clear.

Door jambs with base and clear.

Up close on the cowl jamb...very little to no orange peel in the clear.  I am not planning on cutting and buffing the jambs so had to take care in setting up gun adjustments and controlling my distance from the panel and stroke.

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