Monday, July 23, 2012

Quarter panel filler work

I continued to use my forward momentum to blow through the next step of the quarter skin repair, completing in a week what I used to drag out for months (literally, sometimes).

The first step over a new weld is fiberglass filler.  I also ran tape along the very top of the body line, so when filler squished over the top I could rip it off when I pulled the tape off.  The tape will keep the filler even on the top lip of the quarter.  I also skimmed the B pillar/sail panel with polyester filler as it was extremely wavy.

This is my helper, Junebug, our 7 mo. old Golden Retriever.

After fiberglass, I ran two skim coats of polyester filler (Marson Platinum), with each single skim running the entire length of the panel.  The skim extends down far enough that I can feather it in to the rest of the panel to create a smooth transition.  This was the second attempt at skimming this; my first attempt resulted in one of my skims not having enough hardener and I could scratch it off with my finger.  I was on to this by the rough edges; they should be very smooth and feathered.  So I took it all off and skimmed again.  As it was, it worked out much better for me because my redo skim coats were perfect and near flawless...much better than the initial first two.  It was hot; about 90 degrees when I was skimming, and the filler was kicking quick.  I was using slightly less hardener than I normally do to try and keep ahead of it, but we all know how that turned out...

I also had to do quite a bit of building work on this quarter end cap.  I had to build the top side up about an 1/8", and build the side out about 1/8" as well as it had collision damage and did not set flush with the quarter extension when bolted on.  I use fiberglass filler for situations where I'm asking the filler to work hard, then skimming it with polyester.

Finally, as the last step before shooting Slick Sand, I shoot one coat of epoxy to sandwich the filler between epoxy.

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