Monday, May 4, 2009

Momentous day....engine pulling!

I took my final exam today of the last lecture of my master's education, and it was a crappy test. When I returned to work, I was greeting with more failed experiments that took a considerable amount of prep work. So I did what any logical person would do after a disappointing day...I pulled the engine and transmission out of the car.

If you recall from last time, the engine is currently sitting loose in the car. This evening I disconnected the shifter and removed the tranny support from the bottom of the car, bolted the cradle to the intake manifold, and started hoisting. All was going well and the engine was about halfway up out of the car when I realized I had made a game-stopping oversight. I was beneath the garage door, and there was not going to be enough room to get the hoist as high as it would need to be. I set the engine back down, unhooked the hoist, took the car off the jackstands, pushed it so the hood was sticking out of the garage, put it back up on jackstands, hooked the hoist back up, and started lifting. That sounds like a lot of work, but in all reality it was ten minute's worth (repositioning the car, that is). Jay came out and carefully and slowly (but surely) we hoisted the engine and transmission out and set it down for the night. The transmission is resting on a high tech tranny cart I fashioned out of some scrap 2x4's and casters we had laying around at the Prosound warehouse.

Should have checked for overhead clearance....

Car pushed out of the garage, now we're getting somewhere...


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  1. crazy I did the same thing when i pulled my engine...ha