Saturday, May 16, 2009

Interior gutting

I've managed to [nearly] completely gut the entire interior. It is stripped down to bare metal and the dash is in process of coming out. On the way is a new steering wheel and other shiny parts that go on it, new handles for doors and windows, new shifter handle parts, and a dash pad, which could prove interesting to install, if it's anything like the removal. Now that the entire interior and trunk is bare metal, I've began the laborious task of degreasing, cleaning, and sanding to prep for paint/undercoating. Bill Hirsch's Miracle Paint (permanent rust inhibitor) will go on the floor boards and inside quarter panels on the trunk and any other parts more prone to rusting that could use some reinforcement and protection. The trunk itself will get a layer of primer, and then everything will get a layer of Bill Hirsch Chassis Black chassis paint.


  1. Is that Bill Hirsch stuff what they sell at Arnold's? I was using the stuff that Arnold's sells on the frame of my Ford pickup...

  2. dang I didn't even see comments. I'm pretty sure Bill Hirsch products are only available through his website. But they're pretty pricey.