Sunday, September 15, 2013

Installing the rocker nut for the fender-to-rocker bolt

I've seen the question come over forums time and time again, 'how do you install the fender bolt nut in the rocker?'

I was first stumped when I first had to do this, but it's very easy, and literally takes about, say, 5 seconds.  Seriously, when you see this you will say 'DUH! That's so simple!'....even though you just got done fighting it for 30 minutes. 

The nut has two little ears, or tabs, on each side that rest against the bottom of the rocker, on the outside of the rocker.  This is so you can push up against it and it won't go up into the rocker.  If your ears are busted off, don't even try to fight it, just order a new one.

The nut is going to go into the hole in the bottom of the rocker in this orientation.  One side is 'longer,' because the ears are closer to one end.

Put the 'longer' end into the hole first, at an angle.

This is just another view.

Once it's in, then you push it up so it's flush, then kind of slide it back toward you with our finger and the nut will drop into place.  Pay no mind to my dust trails from wet sanding.

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