Sunday, June 2, 2013

First drive!

I can't believe I forgot to post this...I took my first 'drive' this past Friday (May 31).  Pretty exciting.  It had a small backfire in this first drive.  I did a single lap around the front yard which was a very redneck affair, to put it eloquently.  I devised a 'gas tank' out of a 20 oz plastic pop bottle that was zip tied to the outside of the fender skirt, and drilled/cut a hole in the lid so I could squeeze the rubber fuel line through into the bottle.  It actually works quite well, but the fuel gets consumed unbelievably fast.  I also couldn't get the seat in (for some reason the bolts don't line up with the holes in the seat pan now...) so I sit on my left foot.  Aaand I had some masking paper still stuck on the back that looks horrendous.

Enough talk, here's the video of the FIRST time this car moved under its own power

The vacuum advance was disconnected in this video (I forgot to reconnect it), which may have been contributing to the backfire.  I advance the timing more as well, this time by vacuum rather than by timing light.  After taking it out on another drive, the backfire was gone and the car was really responsive when I got on the pedal.

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