Saturday, February 5, 2011

Monte Carlo bar installation

Today's blog is theoretically a simple procedure, but involves a single complication many Mustang owners have to fight: the shock towers tend to fall in and need to be spread in order to fit the bar back in. A Monte Carlo bar keeps the shock towers from collapsing in, especially with the weight of the engine pushing down on the middle of the car, pulling the towers in. Additionally, the Monte Carlo bar reinforces the front end offering better handling.

This bar is a stainless steel Scott Drake bar. Several benefits of this bar is stainless steel as opposed to chrome (won't rust or pit), has oval bolt holes for the fender skirts allowing for install flexibility, and square holes for carriage bolts for the top of the fender skirt.

The actual procedure itself was relatively straight forward. I jacked up the car a few inches by placing the jack in the middle of the engine bay cross member. This allows the weight of the tires to pull the shock towers out. I then placed a porta power between the shock towers and widened in miniscule increments until I could fit the bar into place. The bar was secured on one side to the side of the fender skirts (it uses the same holes as the coil spring cover), and drilled out the holes in the top of the fender skirt. For this I used stainless steel carriage bolts that I polished to match the luster of the bar. The trick is to not completely tighten down the bolts until the bar is completely mounted. Moving on to the next side, the bar wanted to pop up a bit and not sit flush on the metal, but once the nuts were tightened on the bolts it pulled the bar tight up against the metal. And the finished product is what you see here.

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