Sunday, July 19, 2009

This will be a suspens(ion)ful entry!

In the time since my last posting I have been occupied with a never ending stream of sanding and grinding and surface prep. I now have all the exterior seams on the inner fenders and cowl sealed up with a combination of 3M caulk and/or brushable seam sealer (which isn't so 'brushable' in my opinion.) After sealing surfaces were primed with a rust converter primer that chemically reacts with rust and oxidation. Even though I could not visibly see any rust, it turns black when it reacts, and you can see every it reacted with the oxidized metal. This should give me some protection for the next coats.

In the exhibit below, you'll see my fancy paintbooth and some of the exterior parts I have began priming.

Between yesterday and today I completely removed the entire front suspension (pictured below). The pile of parts (also pictured below) will be hot tanked and sandblasted so they can be recoated with shiny new paint and fitted with new bushings. Removal involved numerous skinned hand parts, but when your hands are caked in ridiculous amounts of grease, the grease plugs up all the cuts so they don't bleed! As a microbiologist, these are the times when I turn a blind eye to these things.

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