Thursday, April 23, 2009

D-Day...Welcome Home.

Today this exquisite piece of classic machinery finally found its way, via a car hauler, to its new home in Jay's garage (Jay lets me keep my cars there). Compliments to Tim French again, for helping me to get it from point A to point B. It rests in the same location with blue, the 78 LTD II, also in the middle of a resto (which has been downgraded with the entrance of a pony car). Currently on this lot now resides a 1967 Mustang, 1978 LTD II, and Jay's 1966 Lincoln.

My parents adopt a zillion kids; they probably have about 30 hundred kids they've adopted now I bet. And I know their anxiety when they have to wait and wait, sometimes years, for the UPS guy to finally arrive and deliver their new package. Well, when I have a new vehicle come rolling in to town, I get the same feeling. I am proud, happy, nostalgic, and most of all--excited--because chances are I've been [im]patiently waiting for the day to happen. Chances are I've already picked out every single part I'll buy, five times over. For the Mustang, I already know everything I'm going to do, and I even have a notebook of parts, cost, website I found it, and part number.

I should give a little background on this project. Say two months ago I had no idea I was in the market for an old Mustang (I actually was not). And if someone were to tell me I'd be the owner of one by summer I'd tell them 'good story.' Buuut it turns out my crazy former roommate Adam was moving to Taiwan and was literally selling every one of his possessions...including this old Mustang he had with a seized up motor last driven 6 years ago. I figured it was in crappy shape and I had a low figure in my mind that I'd be able to get it for. Now I was the crazy one for even considering this. I found myself next actually visiting the car, and looking at it (being quite impressed at the condition...the metal was solid and no rust was to be found...this was a California car), and then I found myself saying I'd buy it, and then I was handing him a check for $3200. I marveled (cynically) at the thought of my 27 year old self with 3 vehicle titles in his possession.

Anyways, these stories are dumb and nobody actually cares about them. The purpose of this blog is to serve as my record and documentation of this restoration, and also as a place where people can see my progress.

So for now, let's close with a picture of THE purple 1967 Mustang on a trailer:

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